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Martin Ismay Westminster 1449

John Ismay of Dartmouth 1491

Martin Ismay Westminster 1451

John Ismay Dartmouth 1492

John Ismay Westminster 1484

John Ismay Westminster 1494

John Ismay Maidstone 1491

John Ismay of Dartmouth 1495

John Ismay Westminister 1491

Thomas Ismay Exact Date Unknown


William son of Ismay 1277

Calendar of Close Rolls 5 EDWARD I. 1277. Membrane 12


Jan. 15. 1277

Like order to the sheriff of Worcester to cause assizes and attaints in Oddington. that county to come before S. de Roff[a] and Hugh de Kendal at Kiderministre on Wednesday the octaves of St. Hilary.

Ralph de Collcston, Williom de Halghton, William Swette, William son of Ismay, John Oppotheston, and Robert his brother, and Thomas le Feyrman of Stok, imprisoned at Nottingham for the death of Godard de Beston, whereof they are appealed, have letters to the sheriff of Nottingham to bail them.


Thomas Ismay Exact Date Unknown

Index of persons named in early chancery proceedings Richard II (1385) to Edward IV (1467)

Ismay Thomas Page 272 Suit No 231

Martin Ismay Westminster 1449

PRO Patent Roll 27 Heny VI ii m. 15d 29 April 1449 Westminster

Commission to Martin Ismay, to take mariners for the governance of divers ships to go to sea to resist his enemies.

Martin Ismay Westminster 1451

PRO Patent Roll 29 Heny VI ii m. 20 8 June 1451 Westminster

Whereas Martin Ismay, master of a ship called le Kateryn, of Plymouth, whereof John Tromse is possessor, waits with the said ship and the mariners thereof in the port of Plymmouth to carry to the parts of Aquitaine the king's knight Richard Wydevile lord of Ryvers seneschal of that duchy, and 50 is due to them for their wages:- the king has granted to Martin and John all customs and subsidies on any wools, woolfells and other merchandise in the port of London customed in their names, to the said amount.

By king and council.

John Ismay Westminster 1484

PRO Patent Roll 1 Richard III ii m. 16d 10 March 1484 Westminster

Commission to Robert Bukke, master of a ship called le Grace de Dieu, James Fynche, victualler, and John Hardy and John Ismay, master's mates of the same, to take mariners, victuals and habilments for the said ship, which the king has ordered to go to sea to resist his enemies.

John Ismay Maidstone 1491

PRO Patent Roll 6 Henry VII m.5(15)d 8 January 1491 Maidstone

Commission to Thomas Coke, Humphrey Hawardyn and Henry Aynesworth, clerks, doctors of laws, to hear and determine the following appeal. The King is informed on behalf of John Heron and Richard Wither, merchants of the city of London, that master Robert Rydon, bachelor in laws, commissary and lieutenant of John Verr earl of Oxford, great chamberlain and admiral of England, Ireland and Aquitaine, in a civil or maritime cause which was before him in the court of admiralty between John Ismay, owner of a ship called le Anthony of Dertmouth, and the said John and Richard, owners of a ship called la Trinyte alias le Figge of London, of the other part, gave judgement against them erroneously and unjustly, from which they made appeal to the king, as more fully appears by a public instrument exhibited in the chancery.

John Ismay Dartmouth 1491

Dartmouth Mayor's Court 9 May 1491 Dartmouth

Thomas Copleston and Nicholas Langmede shall repair the street with pavement where Peter More and John Yssemay now live

John Ismay Westminister 1491

PRO Patent Roll 6 Henry VII m.9(11)d 16 February 1491 Westminster

Commission to John Gaye, master of a ship called the Regent, to impress sailors and soldiers and purvey victuals for the said ship going to sea with other ships against the king's enemies there daily congregating

The like to the following

John Cappe; John Eston; William Cumbersale; Willam Nasshe & John Ismay.

John Ismay Dartmouth 1492

PRO Fine Roll 7 Henry VII m.21(8) 2 March 1492

Appointment of John Ismay, one of the yeoman of the crown, as searcher of ships in the ports of Exeter and Dartmouth, and in all adjacent ports and places, to examine in person all ship sand boats passing from and to the realm in the said ports and places, and to make search of all such ships and boats suspected of being laden with uncocketed or uncustomed wools, woolfells, hides, cloths or other customable wares, or with gold or silver in money by tale or mass or plate, or with jewels, or any persons suspected of having carried into or out of the realm bulls, letters, instruments or processes, or any other things prejudicial to the king or his subjects, contrary to the proclamations and prohibitions made thereof in the king's behalf; and to arrest all such goods and instruments as forfeit, together with the ships and persons carrying them, and to keep them safely until further order; and to do all other things that pertain to the said office; and to certify the king in Chancery touching all that is done by him on his behalf; to hold the said office during pleasure, together with a moiety of the said forfeiture arrested by him. And order to all sherrifs, mayors, bailiffs, lords, masters, mariners of ships, and other the king's ministers and lieges, under pain of forfeiture of what they can forfeit, to be intendant to John.

BY bill of the treasurer.

John Ismay Westminister 1494

PRO Patent Roll 9 Henry VII m.17(20) 2 January 1494 Westminster

Appointment during pleasure of John Ismay, yeoman of the crown, to be gauger in the town of Southampton

John Ismay Westminister 1494

PRO Patent Roll 9 Henry VII m.17(20) 2 January 1494 Westminster

Appointment during pleasure of John Ismay, yeoman of the crown, to be gauger in the town of Poole

John Ismay Dartmouth 1495

Dartmouth Mayor's Court 2 March 1495 Dartmouth

John Rede, John London and William Cole complayn uppon Pers, barnard Day ys servannt which Water Amadas and John Ysmay hath yn Gayle in an actyon of dett iiij p ij s vjd which he oweth them for moche as the iiij th day of January prayed the foresaid plentyvysto help and to wynd the wynys out of the Barnyds vessell and so paydid and fenyssheyd it to a full end which costs comyth to ye sum above wretyn ordayned and jugyd by Robert Holand and William Petyt arbitrowrs made by the forsaid plaintiff and by ye said defendant and so the daid defendants promysed to pay the said iiij p ij s vjd whiche he hath not paid accordyng to ye arbitrement and jugement , &c.

John Ismay Dartmouth 1497


12 HENRY VII - Membrane 22.

Jan. 24. 1497.

Commission to Stephen Bulle to take sailors and soldiers for the Westminster, ships called Le Hermitage and Le Margarete Bulle and for a ' barque 'called Le Stephen Bullys Bark, to be sent with armed power towards Scotland and to take and purvey victuals for the maintenance of the same.

The like to the following :

John Ismay for a ship called Le Gregory Ismay of Dartmouth.